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How to Choose the Right Domain Name

Domain names are essential to any business, and that is why most domain names are created from the brand names. However, when selecting your domain name, you need to make sure that you get the perfect name. That is because changing your domain name in the future can be plus; it will lead away some of your loyal customers. To avoid the need of buying a new domain name in the future, you could apply the following tips during your search.

  • Go for a shorter name

The shorter your domain name, the easier it is to remember. Not only is it easy to forget a long domain name but it is also easy to misspell. For a short domain name, you need to make it as simple and catchy as possible if you want to pull good traffic. You should also ensure that your short domain is relevant to your brand and its activities.

  • Be unique

One mistake that most online investors make is going for simple and familiar domain names. The problem of using a domain name that is almost similar to one belonging to a different company is that there are high chances of your customers landing on the other website. For that reason, always try and be creative with your domain name. Remember that you have the freedom of having any name for your domain, something that you should use very wisely.

  • Be simple

At times, people take domain names too seriously, and they end up complicating the whole process. Some people go to the extent of including numbers to their domain names, a move that can discourage some customers from visiting your website. Being simple with your domain name means to avoid unnecessary things on your domain name. Instead of using slang words, you should try and use real words or create a new one with the original spelling. The moment you use slang on your domain name, know that you are most probably misleading some customers.


The best way of sticking inside the heads of your customers is by giving your website a domain name that they don’t need any efforts to remember. The best way to achieve this is by having a relevant domain name that your customers can easily relate with. Additionally, your creativity comes in handy when deciding a domain name. Notice that some of the most known domain names around the world are as short as four letters.

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